• Development, transfer and application of new technologies and techniques in non-destructive testing
  • Design and production of inspection systems for inspection of WWER 1000/440 NPP primary circuit main components (video 1 иии video 2)
  • Software and software package development regarding non-destructive testing of material
  • Qualification of inspection systems in accordance with RD EO 0487-05, ENIQ and IAEA methodologies
  • Non-destructive testing of mechanical equipment and facilities, quality control
  • Development, production and calibration of equipment for non-destructive testing
  • Analysis and evaluation services relating to condition of the remaining working life of mechanical equipment and facilities
  • Services of taking over, supervision of fitting and putting into operation electro-mechanical equipment and facilities
  • Development of quality management system in companies according to the ISO 9001 and other international and national standards)
  • Training of personnel for performing non-destructive testing
  • Consulting services in the fields of quality assurance and control as well as the use of energy, chemical and other facilities
  • Data management, software development for data management and applications
  • Other similar software package development activities
  • Reliability and availability studies as well as safety evaluation of electrical and mechanical components and systems. Risk evaluation studies.
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