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HRID Ltd. is partner or has cooperation with the following institutions:
  • AREVA NP - USA, Germany and France (1) (example 1 ��� example 2)
  • Westinghouse, USA (2) (3) (example)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Computing,  Zagreb (4)
    (link 1 ��� link 2 ��� link 3)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Split
  • VISOR, Zagreb (5) (link)
  • IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria (WWER reactor pressure vessel inspection, testing of other nuclear power plant equipment)
  • SGNDT, Canada(6)
  • IHI Southwest Technologies Inc. USA (7)

(1) Long term cooperation for NDT services (reactor pressure vessel and steam generator tubing)
(2) Long term cooperation for NDT services (steam generator tubing)
(3) Long term cooperation for NDT services between Westinghouse, Tecnatom and HRID Ltd. for users of Russian type reactor; production of equipment and remedial action services
(4) Long term cooperation for development of manipulator/robot control systems (5) Machine vision software package development

(6) Supplier of eddy current products and services
(7) Cooperation for production of RPV Fast Par manipulator

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